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Hello, we hope this blog finds you well.

Apologies for a very delayed blog but at last here is one... finally.

After a year of little but covid and no gigs let alone venues to play we have something to…

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Feeling Fine

Have a wonderful New Year and may it be a future we need, kindness, empathy and humanity for all on earth.

Love to all

x x x


Oh no, what's happening...

The past 6 months have been a bit eye opening. Diagnosed with cervical cancer in March, I faced 6 treatments of chemotherapy to keep me alive. Potential side affects are a better option than death in any case.

Our wonderful…

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"Always Be With You" studio progress

The single "Always Be With You" is really starting to take shape. This is going to be the first single from the album "Onwards And Upwards".

Dave has added his drums....   


Then a bit of mixing...             


Ric added the clarinet…

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Studio and bass player hunt

Spring is in the air and we are finally getting back to the studio in the next fortnight to record " Lagoon" also known as " Always be with you ". This will be followed by all the other tracks…

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Dave is back


We are very pleased to say that good old Dave is back in the band and we are meeting potential bass players next week. ( Thats me on the left and Dave on the right )

We also will be…

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Sad News

All our love to dear Dave Amey who sadly lost his wife last week while on holiday celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Our thoughts, love and support are with you dear friend.

Band member hunt

We are still on the lookout for a good drummer and bass player.

There seems to be a national shortage of them.

Any good drummers and bass players in the Southampton area that like the music, please contact us and…

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Retirement of a good friend

We are sad to announce that our beloved drummer Dave is retiring from the band due to work commitments out of his control.

We have worked with Dave for the past 2 and a half years and have played some…

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New Bass player

Happy New Year our dear friends !!

 We are pleased to announce that Mark Benfield has joined the band as our bass player

A bio and pick to shortly follow


" Did He Say " had airplay on Erk fm…

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