Oh no, what's happening...

The past 6 months have been a bit eye opening. Diagnosed with cervical cancer in March, I faced 6 treatments of chemotherapy to keep me alive. Potential side affects are a better option than death in any case.

Our wonderful hot summer 2018, I was going through it but also making the most of it at the same time which is essential for the brain and spirit.

I am so lucky that my Husband and darling young children have been so strong, supportive grown up and fantastic over all of this.

My Mum, Brother, Sister in law's, Kelly, Shane, Sylvie, Dave I thank you for your love and concern for me.

NHS, cancer support team, Mcmillan, you made me feel so much better. I will volunteer to work with you guys if you would have me.

I now wait for my final scan mid October to see if the chemo has worked, then I can get back to the studio, finish the album,get gigging again and write more songs.

I apologise for not saying anything sooner but I had no words. Onwards and upwards is the title of the album and that is exactly where I am.

If anyone is going through this please feel free to ask me anything.

Much love

Melissa xx

P.S a few words:-

Got no hair, lashes, brows, pubes, arm hair, any hair, leg, pit, lip, tit,arse.

Hot, cold, blood, sweat, gravy, egg, sleep-no, awake- yes, wet, hot ,cold, shivers, clammy, big wee, no wee,big poo, no poo,can't poo, neck ache,no ache,dull ache, godness sake,feel sick, not sick, pritt stick

Apart from that ..  

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